We could not live our vision without our dedicated staff.


Executive Management – Sagkeeng Child and Family Services Inc.

Frank Daniels – Executive Director

Elaine Courchene – Director of Finance

Jolene Cameron – Director of Service

Kathy Randall – Director of Human Resources

Kim Hotomani – Director of Quality Assurance


Management Administration

Patricia Desjarlais – Executive Assistant

Janet Morin – Office Manager


Child Abuse Unit

Laura Davison – Child Abuse Admin Assistant

Jenelle Lavoie – Abuse Worker


Direct Service Supervisors

Amanda Kennell – Winnipeg Office

Lorelle Shead – Winnipeg Office

Sherees Carpenter – Sagkeeng Office

Tracey Desaulniers – Winnipeg Office


Deanna Edwards – Resources Support Services Coordinator


Direct Service Workers

Angela Fillion – Sagkeeng Office

Carmen Yerex – Winnipeg Office

Clint Fontaine – Sagkeeng Office

Deborah Kennedy-Linklater – Winnipeg Office

Eugene Schoenenberger – Winnipeg Office

Jayne Pile – Winnipeg Office

Juliann Swirsky – Winnipeg Office

Karra Woloshyn – Winnipeg Office

Kelsey Vieira – Winnipeg Office

Raquel Foster – Winnipeg Office

Renay Bone – Winnipeg Office

Sheldon Pelech – Winnipeg Office

Stephanie Olivier – Winnipeg Office

Amanda Dziedzic – Winnipeg Office

Sandy Oliviera – Winnipeg Office (Term)

Bev Dunbar – Sagkeeng Office

Kara St. Pierre – Sagkeeng Office

Sinikka Ruus – Winnipeg Office

Shayna Bushie – Winnipeg Office

Samantha Moldowan – Winnipeg Office

Rhaelyn Rempel – Winnipeg Office

Jennifer Kennedy – Winnipeg Office (Term)

Michelle Lemoine – Winnipeg Office

Patricia McLaron – Direct Service Worker (Sagkeeng)

Linda Swampy – Direct Service Worker (Sagkeeng)

Christine Hyde – Direct Service Worker (Sagkeeng)

Ritka Ishaku – Direct Service Worker (Sagkeeng)

Lorna Bruyere – Customary Care Worker (Sagkeeng)


Prevention Services

Marlene Aguilar – Prevention Supervisor

Vera Bruyere – Prevention Services Worker (Sagkeeng)

Danaya Courchene – Prevention Services Worker (Sagkeeng)

Jessica Breen – Prevention Services Worker (Winnipeg)

Fred Beardy – Prevention Service Facilitator (Sagkeeng)

Kyle Copenace – Prevention Service Facilitator (Winnipeg)



Mental Wellness Unit

Christine Fedora – Psychotherapist (Sagkeeng/Winnipeg)

Debra Courchene – Cultural Program Worker (Sagkeeng)



Debra Starr – Finance Clerk

Frances Burnard – Finance Clerk

Lana Daniels – Billings Clerk

Kim McDonnell – Accounts Payable Clerk


Alternative Care

Rochelle Creasy – Alternative Care Manager

Vanessa Johnson – Alternative Care Worker (Winnipeg)

Devon Massecar – Alternative Care Worker (Sagkeeng)

Christine Burke – Alternative Care Worker (Sagkeeng)

Trudi Tinant – Alternative Care Worker (Sagkeeng)

Lisa Mumba – Alternative Care Admin Assistant (Sagkeeng/Winnipeg)

Michelle Thomson – Alternative Care Worker (Winnipeg)

Angela Langlois – Alternative Care Worker (Sagkeeng)



Leslie Schroeder – Intake Supervisor (Sagkeeng)

Satira Mooyman – Intake Worker (Sagkeeng)

Rhonda Norman – Intake Worker (Sagkeeng)


Office Administration – Sagkeeng Office

Dakota Starr – Receptionist

Linda Bunn – File Clerk

Khenan Lavadier – Case Aide

Tim Coyne – Prevention Services Admin Assistant

Kristen Wahsquonaikezhik – Admin Assistant

Tyndall Fontaine – Admin Assistant

Dallas Courchene – Janitor/Receptionist

Wilfred Courchene – Custodian/Maintenance Worker


Office Administration – Winnipeg Office

Beatrice Guimond – File Clerk

Evan Courchene – Janitor

Autumn Hotomani – Receptionist

Jessica Daniels – Case Aide

Kristin Hernandex-Courchene Case Aide-Term

Heidi Strenger – Case Aide

Trish Daniels – RRS Admin Assistant

Michelle Mazawasicuna – Clerical Assistant – QA

Mary Felix – CFSIS Clerk – QA

Mary Werba – QA Worker

Michael Gabriel – HR Assistant