Human Resources Department

What is Human Resources (HR) and what are we committed to?

The HR Department considers all employees as the most valuable resources of the agency, as such, we aim to nurture their professional growth.

The typical duties of an HR Department include;

  • Identify skill needs, requirements, and gaps in collaboration with senior management.
  • Develop tools, procedures and metrics for recruitment, training, and other functions of HR.
  • Provide guidance on general workplace issues.
  • Follow Manitoba’s Employment Standards Code and other relevant legislation.

Upholding confidentiality in all areas required, including personnel files.

At Sagkeeng Child & Family Service, HR’s overarching aim is to be strategic by creating an HR strategy and aligning that strategy to the specific needs and unique culture of the Sagkeeng Child & Family Services agency (SCFS).

Sagkeeng Child & Family Services has career opportunities for anyone to explore at our Community office in Sagkeeng and our Winnipeg office.

We strive to accomplish these goals with the use of HR principles and best practices that have been developed over 25 years of academic research by the Human Resource Management (HRM) field.

The Director of Human Resource & Office Administration’s major responsibilities are threefold;

  • To provide strategic guidance to nurture SCFS employees;
  • To advice and develop tools for supervisors around areas of employee leadership;
  • To be available to all staff for advice on labour/employee relations.

The HR Administrative Assistant’s major responsibility is to provide support to the HR Department in duties such as; data entry, drafting memos, maintaining personnel files, and assisting in recruitment and training.


Sagkeeng Community members and Indigenous candidates will be given preference and are encouraged to self-identify as being of Indigenous descent.

Sagkeeng CFS seeks individuals who are inspired and have the heart and work ethic to be part of the difficult, yet, precious work of working with children and families of the Sagkeeng Community.

Sample of areas and positions we recruit for:

Resource & Support Service Coordinator
1. Casual Receptionist throughout the year (ongoing)
2. Driver’s throughout the year (ongoing)

Direct Services:
1. Direct Service Workers
2. Intake Workers
3. Case Aides

Intake Services:
1. Intake Worker
2. Intake & Abuse-Response Supervisor

Finance Department:
1. Accounting Clerks

Prevention Services:
1. Prevention Service Worker

For current open positions, please visit: or local community bill boards.

Turtle Spirit – Kawakaatiziwin: Truth

The Turtle Spirit teaches us that to speak the truth is to not deceive ourselves or others.