is one of 10 agencies in the Southern First Nations Network of Care providing provincially mandated services. We believe that children are our gifts and as a community, it is our responsibility to guarantee their physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs. We provide a variety of services built on the principles of honesty, respect, kindness, trust, humility and courage. We welcome your comments anytime.

  • BEAR SPIRIT | Soongatiziwin: Courage

    It takes courage to face problems with integrity and a fearless heart. The Bear spirit teaches us that we must be brave to do the right thing.

  • BEAVER SPIRIT | Amik: Wisdom

    The Beaver spirit teaches us that wisdom is when we embrace learning and understanding, and apply sacred knowledge into everything we do each day.

  • EAGLE SPIRIT | Zhawenjigewin: Love

    The Eagle spirit tells us that love comes with peace and is unconditional. When people are at their lowest is when they need love the most.

  • BUFFALO SPIRIT | Kichi"inendamowin: Respect

    The Buffalo spirit teaches us that all Creation should be treated with respect. When we learn to show respect we also then receive respect.

  • SASQUATCH SPIRIT | Tepwewin: Honesty

    The Sasquatch spirit teaches us that honesty requires courage and when we are honest with ourselves it is easier to be honest with others.

  • TURTLE SPIRIT | Kawakaatiziwin: Truth

    The Turtle spirit teaches us that to speak the truth is to not deceive ourselves or others.

  • WOLF SPIRIT | Tabasenimowin: Humility

    The Wolf spirit teaches us that to be humble we need to be compassionate; understand that we are all equal; acknowledge we are just one part of Creation.


  • We support families and prevent children from having to leave the family home and be placed in care.
  • Watch some of our traditional teachings and cultural workshops for families.

    Sagkeeng Toll Free 1-877-367-4020
    In Winnipeg – 1-888-761-5897


    Sagkeeng Toll Free 1-877-367-4020
    In Winnipeg (ANCR) 1-888-945-2627